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Beronica Gregory

Beronica Martinez Gregory is a devoted wife and mother of three boys. She has been an active member at Haltom Road BC for 18 years. She now serves as Minister of Children.

Beronica has served on the Missions Committee for over seven years and has helped change their focus to serve more. She has been working with children in many forums beginning in her teens serving in vacation bible schools, teaching Sunday school and has worked with children of all ages beginning with birth through graduation in church, local schools and with other non-profit groups.

Beronica believes her place in this world is to make other people’s lives better by serving and spreading God’s love. Her favorite quote came from her dad, “When there is enough food for one, there is enough for two. If we have enough food for two, there is always room for three. No matter how much food or things we possess, there is always enough to share.” Beronica’s father always taught them that man was made to serve with their hearts. To do anything in life and to do it right, one has to have God’s love to be successful. Beronica has a heart to serve and help others be successful in coming to God and help following his will.