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Braden Kelley

Braden Kelley is a student at Dallas Baptist University, perusing a degree in Christian ministry. Born and raised in Watauga Texas, Braden has a heart for the people of the greater Fort Worth area, and in particular middle and high schoolers. This has been engrained in him his whole life. Being raised the son of a youth pastor, youth ministry is a major building block in his faith experience, and has transformed who he and how he sees ministry, the world, and God.
Braden has been a follower of Christ since he was 10, and counts his upbringing a huge blessing. He has found solace in the identity of Christ, and loves to share about his relationship with God. In particular Braden loves to share about his short comings, and how God has worked through him, to bring glory to the Lord Almighty. A verse which has been vital throughout his life, and helps direct his path continually is John 3:30,” He must become greater, and I must become less”.
Braden finds his calling in serving the church. Whether it be through Worship ministry, or youth ministry, his goal is to serve the bride of Christ and help to Shepard God’s people. Braden also has a passion for outreach, and loves to break down walls. All of this with the goal to see those who do not know God, come to give their lives to Him. Braden’s goal is to help create a ministry in which those who are far from God feel welcomed and hear His Good News, and those who know Him are continually challenged in their faith.